Dear Reader,

My name is Margareth. I am a 30 something year-old italian born in Milan.

I do love everything that recalls me the bliss from the past days and this blog is for everybody like me who appreciates what the past has bequeathed to us. Who takes care and valorize things that have a story to tell. Curious by nature, I love to discover unconventional things and to know more about which historical period they come from. The historical period that I love the most is that starting from the Victorian Age ‘till the 1950s. Travels, objects, people and everything able to tell us amazing tales from the past are the protagonist of my posts!

I am also interested in interior design, especially in original and unusual objects that catch my attention at first glance. I admire quality craftsmanship, when designers and craftsmen of various professions do their utmost to achieve the best results. Things made to last and to be inherited by future generations. Timeless pieces steeped in history and with their own unique stories.

Because I believe that if something comes from the past it always helds back a story that worth to be told! 


A Brief History: how it all began

Five years ago I made a trip to London. I love this city so much (but who doesn't!!). Among the countless activities and visits one could make in London I enjoyed visiting design shops. Let’s say that I love vintage and everything that recalls the bygone days. I love distinctive and out-of-the-common things and I am attracted by all the objects that stimulate my imagination. That’s why the decoration of my house and in general all the spaces in which I live is for me something that goes beyond a discourse of pure aesthetics and functionality. I am always looking for objects impressing me for their being so unique, telling me past stories and by which I can recall distant past and places. In other words: things that make me dream!

So, during my stay in London I entered into this shop called "Conran Shop", a contemporary furnishings store showcasing design classics, one-off vintage items and gifts. Among their vintage collection I found myself soon attracted by some items from a company named Authentic Models. It's here that everything started...*

*to be continued