Mirrors always stand out, having the right balance between functional and aesthetic in home decoration. During the XV century, round convex mirrors called Oeil de Sorcière (French for “sorcerer’s eye”) were a must-have ornamental piece in the luxurious houses of the aristocracy.
Look at the Arnolfini Portrait by Jan van Eyck or the Werl Altarpiece by Robert Campin: these paintings really show off how such mirrors were also practical due to their domed glass, offering to the inquiring mind the widest vision possible …

This set of 6 mirrors is in the Napoleon III style. Even when aged and oxidized, they continue to play with light...

19th Century Witch Mirror Frames (set of 6)

SKU: OD705


    H41 Ø 15 to 32 cm cm

    H16,14 Ø 5,91 to 12,60 cm inch




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