• Tulle foulard

    This tulle foulard is soft and sheer, handmade and dyed in the Atelier.

    It is one of our collection essentials, an elegant accessory that accompanies almost all of our garments. Combined with your wedding gown, it suggests a veil in a subtle and sophisticated way.

    The measurements of the foulard are such that you can wear it in a whole host of different ways, enhancing your figure and adding the perfect finishing touch to your dress.


    The color combination in the illustration is Ecru and is shown in combination with the Weeding dress Atelier N. 315N Bridal in Ecru embroidered in Ecru. In one of the illustrations, you can find it shown in combination with the Weeding Dress Whisper N. 113 in Ecru embroidered in Ecru. The shades are hand dyed.



    Tulle foulard composition:

    Elastic tulle 94% PA 15% Italian EA

    Atelier Natalie Capell uses high quality fabrics made in Europe.


    Foulard Guarde-robe N. 520

    SKU: G520
    Foulard Colour

      The foulard is available in the following colours variants (please, refer to the oval shape in the images for the colour match):


      • Ecru
      • Pale Pink
      • Green


    • SIZE & FIT

      Unique size


      The foulard ships in:


      • 30 days for a foulard in stock
      • 40 days for a foulard created on order


      -  Your garment will be living the Atelier in Barcelona in perfect conditions, However, Please contact us sending an e-mail to info@blissfrombygonedays.com with a description of any problem during the first 3 working days from the receipt and we will be back to you with the aim to find a solution together.

      - Atelier Natalie Capell