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  • La Belle


    Anamorphoses come from Piero della Francesca’s work on perspective. He was a Florentine painter and mathematician at the Quattrocento period. This Art of secret perspective, enables the artist, thanks to the "trompe-l'œil" technique, to create an impression of reality through restoring a 3rd dimension. At first glance, the eye is charmed by a colorful and poetic flight of butterflies... then, suddenly an unexpected image comes through and shows itself to the viewer and the double perception is revealed. In fact, a masterpiece is used as a pattern for the butterflies, while the butterflies form a masterpiece… Presented under a glass dome, so that this anamorphose doesn’t spread out on your walls!

    "La Belle" under the dome

    SKU: OD1171/8

      Dimensions in cm:

      41 x 33 x 18 cm


      Dimensions in inches:

      16,14 x 13 x 7,08 inch






      • Product will be shipped within 2 weeks from the date of purchase
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