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  • Romans during the Decadence - Thomas Couture - 1847

    To offer you this « shabby chic » painting reproduction by French artist Thomas Couture(1815-1879) straight out of the Twilight zone, Ateliers C&S Davoy skilled artists proceeded to age it, totally by hand. Every dent, crackeled paint or patina is not an accident! All the techniques of expert copiers are here, rusty nails, stamps, traces of humidity, vintage labels and frames.


    Totally Made in France, hand aged and patinated by skilled craftsmen, this collection of portraits named "The Crackled Ones" is the culmination of years of work and research by Ateliers C&S Davoy. A patient and eclectic selection of artwork from all the museums in the world enabled Ateliers Davoy to offer reprints with very high-quality pictures and surprising realism.


    Classicism, Romanticism, Impressionism, Modern... several trends from the history of paintings will inspire your interior decor... Portraits, Still Life, Landscapes, Genre Paintings... any subject is available for a No-limit style decor! They are crackled and aged one by one by hand, with a slow and patient work of wear and tear, cleverly orchestrated by Ateliers Davoy craftsmen to breathe new life into them. For this reason Each piece is unique.


    Interiors will be revived by this Boho- Romantico-Vintage touch! Each work of Art will find its place, in the environment of your choice, be it classical or contemporary. 

    Romans during the Decadence - Thomas Couture - 1847

    SKU: CRK196

      Dimensions in cm:

      H 88 x 129 x 2 cm


      Dimensions in inches:

      H 34.65 x 50.79 x 0.79 inch




      • Please allow up to 5-6 weeks for production
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