• Tulle dress with silk belt and undergarment dress

    This piece is a handcraft tulle wedding dress, sleeveless, it has a high crossed collar, a closure at the back and a train. The collar and the lower hem are made of silk tulle, this lower silk tulle hem is optional. The closure and armholes are finished by hand and the collar, back and train ornaments are carefully hand embroidered. The embroidery combines delicate enveloping traces that are a feature of Natalie Capell with floral authentic elements and beads recovered from antique dresses. It is ornamented with a small silk flower that is made and painted by hand. The train can be loose or gathered, it has a hand embroidered ornament and a handmade silk buttonhole which is buttoned with an antique quartz piece.


    The color combination in the illustration is Ecru embroidered in pale Green and and is shown in combination with the elastic silk belt Guarde-robe N. 519 in Champagne which is included in the price. In one of the illustrations you can also find it shown in combination with the Jacket Guarde- robe N. 508 in Ecru (which is an extra and can be added to the outfit from the dropdown menu). The shades are hand dyed in the Atelier.


    This tulle dress comes together with an undergarment dress which is included in the price. That is the Undergarment Dress N. 717 made by hand in the Atelier. It has three layers: first layer is knit and the other two are made of tulle. It is light and elastic and provides a vaporous and romantic silhouette to your gown. It will be adapted to your measurements and the demands of your dress, in such a way it does not interfere with embroidery and décolletages.


    Since each piece is unique, your dress will include a certificate of authenticity with serial number. 


    Due to artisan crafting, the embroideries may vary in a subtle way from one dress to another.


    Dress composition:

    Elastic tulle: 94% PA 15% Italian EA.

    Silk tulle: 84% SE 16% NY France.


    Hand embroidered with silk thread.


    Undergarment composition:

    Tulle: 85% PA 15% Italian EA
    Viscose knit: 97% VI 3% EA
    Straps: 100% Silk cord

    Atelier Natalie Capell uses high quality fabrics made in Europe.

    Wedding Dress Whisper N. 106

    SKU: W106N
    Dress colour

      Dress available in the following colours variants (please, refer to the oval shape in the images for the colour match):


      • Ecru-pale green: ecru tulle dress with pale green embroideries, elastic silk Belt Guarde-robe n. 519 in colour Champagne and ecru three layer wedding undergarment dress
      • Ecru: ecru tulle dress with ecru embroideries, elastic silk Belt Guarde-robe n. 519 in colour Ecru and ecru three layer wedding undergarment dress
      • Pale pink: pale pink tulle dress with pale pink embroideries, elastic silk Belt Guarde-robe N. 519 in colour Pale Pink and ecru three layer wedding undergarment dress


      - Colour variant displayed in the pictures is Ecru-pale green: ecru tulle dress with with Pale Green embroideries, silk Belt Guarde-robe n. 519 in colour Champagne and ecru three layer wedding undergarment dress

    • SIZE & FIT

      • The Dress will be fully tailormade on your sizes but we would need your personal measurements to be taken accurately. We would like to share with you here which measurements are needed and how to correctly take them: Natalie's body measurements instructions


      • After the purchase we will take contact with you in order to collect all measures we need to make it perfectly fitting your body shapes

      - Tailormade specifically for you, ships in:


      • 80 days if adapted from a model in stock*
      • 6 months if created on order*


      *starting from the day we receive your measurements


      - The garment you have chosen is unique and will be manufactured on-demand, especially for you in the Atelier Natalie Capell. Different artisan hands will shape it, caring for each detail, and will finally adjust it to your measurements (as supplied to us by you) so that it will fit you perfectly. As you can imagine, due to this unique and personal way of working it is not possible to make changes or returns, but our philosophy is to be at your side throughout the process, listening to your needs and finding solutions when required.


      - Atelier Natalie Capell