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When I think about the curiosities from the late 1800s and early 1900s, all those decorative items that used to be stowed in travellers’ cabinets, I am amazed at how much uniqueness and history a single object can contain. Souvenirs from remote spots of the world were dusted and restored to be shown to friends and ready to be the after dinner subject of amazingly interesting stories about where and how they were being bought or picked up. They were called curiosities for a reason!

I have a thing for bygone era aesthetics and artisanship, especially when they can find their place in contemporary lifestyle. Inspirational, rare, uncommon, intriguing, these are the qualities that something must have to attract my attention. Objects which shine for their originality! And once I find that statement piece which stimulates my curiosity I give it a lot of care.  For this reason, I admire quality artistry, when designers and craftsmen of various professions do their utmost to achieve the best results. Things made to last and to be inherited by future generations. Timeless pieces with their own unique stories!

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"Every creation is thoughtfully designed to delight. 

For the truly unique bliss experience of mankind."

Margareth Maurer

BfBD Founder

Bliss from Bygone Days is dedicated to those who appreciate the sophisticated yet essential taste of the origins of fashion, furniture, decor and lifestyle in general. To rediscover the roots of good taste and the essentials of the concept of style established in the late XIX and early XX century.

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