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The perfect gift!

We know Authentic Models since long time and we love the products of this Dutch company. Among their vaste catalogue of decoration pieces the Bantam Midget Spindizzy stands out as one of the most beautiful products in Authentic Models catalogue.

We have taken this magnificent replica of a tether car and reworked it in order to make it the perfect gift. With our version you can have it personalised with your initials or logo and even choose to add a premium wooden box to make it the a premium gift for somebody special.

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Customization Hand-made in Switzerland

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Other objects will follow soon!

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More than decoration


Somebody like it modern, others classic, we prefer to say it's different! This is the meaning behind this collection and what we want to offer to our customers: decorative objects which look different and can give to any interior a touch of uniqueness. 

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BfBD Atelier is a laboratory of creativity and craftsmanship. We just started the collaboration with artisans and artists who help us with all their expertise to bring to life our vision of unconventional decorative objects. We are not focused on a specific line of products, we just run through several inspirations and once we catch an idea we look for the best artisan able to create it for us. Today is a car model, tomorrow could be a set of trays and later it might be a line of trunks. Expect the unexpected...

We just started...

Our values

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  • Personalised for you: these products tell something about our customers and each piece is created specifically for its owner. A touch of personalisation is always part of our manufacturing process in order to make BfBD products only yours.

  • Made to last a lifetime:  we put great care in every detail and we use only the best materials to produce objects that will accompany you through your lifetime. 

  • Created by hand: all products of the collection are handmade by skilled craftsmen and artists who collaborate with us specifically to produce them. Every product is manufactured each time as a single piece and the nature of handcrafting consequently generates every time small variations in some details which make it unique.

  • Vintage spirit, original and unique: our products are deeply influenced by vintage inspirations and designed to reinterpret the bygone days fitting our modern-day lifestyle. Created in small amounts with great attention to quality, the pieces of this collection have a distinctive aesthetic appeal.

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