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More than just


BfBD Atelier

Warm, cozy and surprisingly unexpected...

Timeless home decoration for unconventional tastes

It's absolutely not sterile and modern but also not antique and heavy, the style of Bliss from Bygone Days (BfBD) is simply different, maybe not for everybody but for sure will not let anybody indifferent to it. All objects you can find among our collections are not only different and original but they also carry a story inspired to bygone days.

We are not selling antiquities and we don't claim that our products are perfect replicas of antique decoration pieces, they are just objects with a certain vintage touch which stylishly decorate your home, your office or any other interior which wants to transmit a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We love things made by hand, all products you can find in our collections are made artisanal by skilled craftsmen and artists. Quality is always on the spotlight and we believe in things which last a lifetime, these objects are made to accompany you for many years and become part of the value pieces of your family furniture.

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Extravagant objects from the cabinet of curiosities

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Handcrafted decoration pieces for an unique and original decor

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