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Atelier C&S Davoy

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Treasures of inspiration

Unpredictable, Ateliers Caroline & Stéphane Davoy are always there where you don’t expect them: navigating between collector and amateur, classical art or the eccentric, love of beauty or of the unusual, Ateliers C&S Davoy redefine the meaning of luxury in offering exclusive pieces in one-of-a-kind or limited editions.

Their eclectic collections, in the tradition of St Germain’s greatest galleries, marry classicism, authenticity, and the contemporary.

The cabinet of


With perfectly mastered alchemy of discovery, you’ll follow the invisible path of dreams and extraordinary voyages.
Characteristic furniture, primitive art, curiosities, and objects of chance meetings are intertwined here with taste and talent.
It’s in your intimacy that all these objects reveal their secrets, each one disclosing a story, an emotion, and its inspirational treasures. 

ATELIERS CSD 07_4958.jpg
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«Chic and shock»

From the singular to the extraordinary, the Davoy collections incarnate the art of beauty. They play with the past and reinvent it within current trends to impose a style that has become a signature, an exclusive designer make.

Collection C&S Davoy embodies perfectly the spirit of Bliss from Bygone Days. Browse the catalogue and be inspired by these extravagant pieces of decoration; if you like the unexpected you will find what you were looking for.

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