For 50 years, Authentic Models has celebrated the adventurous past by recreating historically significant furniture, ornaments and objects in painstaking detail. We offer a customised premium version of the marvellous Bantam Midget Spindizzy model making it a premium gift. Other customised models will come in the future... stay tuned!

Inspired by the Cabinet of Curiosities of the XVIII century, the collection of Ateliers C&S Davoy combines unique pieces, primitive art, objects  of curiosities and eccentric furniture. The constant research of distinguished aesthetics driven by the sense of marvel is the key source of inspiration for a collection of objects which makes you travel across the time and among styles.

Natalie Capell it's small-haute-couture atelier located in the bohemian district of El Born in Barcelona (Spain).

Each dress is exclusive and one-of-a-kind and the process of creating them always starts with an idea, a feeling brought to life slowly and accurately. With the combination of premium fabrics and delicate embroidery Natalie Capell creates matchless garments.

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