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Natalie Capell

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Inspired by nature,

we are born from the free line, voluptuous and timeless

The world of "Natalie Capell Atelier de Moda" sprouts from an idea, a dream, that of admiring and representing femininity in another way, embracing simplicity and the essence of every woman to create an elegant and delicate homage.

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In her Parisian-style atelier, located in the bohemian and artisan spirit district of El Born in Barcelona, Natalie Capell designs and manufactures exclusive fashion pieces that represent your unique way of being since 2002. Garments that embrace you in the dance of your life.
Her romantic creations are so elegant and delicate, like the Belle Époque style from which they take inspiration. They feature traditional feminine fluid shapes aiming to give modern women harmonic appearance of their body, always respecting the female form. 

So comfy yet magic,

infused with the essence

of another era

Each dress is exclusive and one-of-a-kind and the process of creating them always starts with an idea, a feeling brought to life slowly and accurately. From the inspiration to the design, until the dying process of the fabrics, they are 100% handmade and undergo strict quality control.

Every fabric used to create Natalie Capell dresses has been found in markets, fairs and antique dealers, where the designer buys the little accessories she occasionally incorporates on her embroidery. The base of her clothes is made of PES tulle with elastane, a highly resistant material used to enhance feminine silhouette. 

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Their gracious and pure timeless line make Natalie Capell's clothes easily recognizable 

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The handcrafting process is slow and meticulous and, depending on the complexity of the piece, it can take several months to be completed. This sewing technique applies with the passion to produce authentic garments, always featuring a unique-piece serial number and a certificate of authenticity.

Handmade with passion and love

Designer Natalie Capell believes in a global and personal feminine beauty, she works with a unique size that seamlessly adapts to the real and diverse feminine body, aiming to highlight the essence of every woman. The perfect adaptability of her pieces dates back to 18 years of studying fabrics and patterns.

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Age and size are universal for these timeless dresses

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Since 2002, these exclusive pieces are created in a small Parisian boudoir style atelier called "Natalie Capell Atelier de Moda" located in the bohemian district of El Born, a world-renowned artisan’s neighbourhood located in Barcelona.

Gently knock twice and enter in Natalie Capell's world

... a magic  night at Gran Teatre del Liceu,


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You will be involved in the entire manufacturing process of your exclusive piece of cloth. Natalie will personally take care of you and dedicate all her love and care to the wonderful creation manufactured in her atelier.

A unique purchasing experience!

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