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The Gentleman’s Gym Duffel Bag is the first piece of our collection of hand-painted bags that we have been developing in collaboration with our valued Venetian partner who manufactures bags in the Veneto region following the tradition of Made in Italy leather craftsmanship.

Created with the finest materials, the bag is enriched by an hand-painted vintage-style illustration created by Swiss artist Sergio Simona, who also personalises the bag with the owner’s initials.

Made in Italy.png

Hand-made in Italy

Made in Switzerland.png

Hand-painted in Switzerland

by Sergio Simona

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A stylish gym bag!

Here is our second creation. We named it "Le Plaisir du Voyage" to celebrate the leisure of travel and it's been designed for those looking for a stylish yet functional weekend bag. Manufactured and hand-painted in Italy in the Veneto region - the home of outstanding and quality leather craftsmanship - with only the finest materials.

The painted vintage-style illustration, which recalls the first travel excursions, is created by Italian artist Susanna Cattai, who also personalises the bag with the owner’s initials.

Made in Italy.png

Hand-made in Italy

Made in Italy.png

Hand-painted in Italy

by Susanna Cattai

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Let's travel in style!

More bags will follow soon!

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A collection representing the quintessence of Bliss from Bygone Days

During the journey we take to seek inspiration from the past and discover delightful products with a vintage flair, we often cross our path with some skilled artisans and artists who share the same passion for genuine and original products like us. Together with them we started developing a line of accessories which fully embodies Bliss from Bygone Days lifestyle concept and offers the forgotten experience of purchasing something unique, not made in mass production or meant to be thrown away sooner or later as nowadays fashion industry has forced us to get used to. Our beauties are created to last and to be passed to future generation.

Bag hand painting

Our values

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Hand made Closet.png
  • Personalised for you: these products tell something about our customers and each piece is created specifically for its owner. A touch of personalisation is always part of our manufacturing process in order to make BfBD products only yours.

  • Made to last a lifetime:  we put great care in every detail and we use only the best materials to produce objects that will accompany you through your lifetime.

  • Vintage spirit, original and unique: our products are deeply influenced by vintage inspirations and designed to reinterpret the bygone days fitting our modern-day lifestyle. Created in small amounts with great attention to quality, the pieces of this collection have a distinctive aesthetic appeal.

  • Created by hand: all products of the collection are handmade by skilled craftsmen and artists who collaborate with us specifically to produce them. Every product is manufactured each time as a single piece and the nature of handcrafting consequently generates every time small variations in some details which make it unique.

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