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Femme by Rochas, a celebration of femininity

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

‘One must be able to smell a woman even before seeing her.’ – Marcel Rochas.

I think a perfume is the most powerful accessory a woman can wear. I cannot even leave my home without it and if I forget to spray my favourite juice I even come back and get late at rendezvous. I know, I'm a hopeless case but it's stronger than me. I love perfumes and I cannot do without them! A fragrance for every season, every occasion, every mood ... it embodies my feelings and it's part of my own personality. Among my mum's own bottles there was one that I really really loved, even though I was just a little girl. It was called "Femme" by Rochas.

In 1989 my father came back from Paris with a present for my mother. During the 1980s husbands had still that habit of bringing a French perfume back from a trip to France as a gift to their wives. And that's exactly what my father did. I cannot remember the box but for sure I can remember very well the bottle which had a rectangular shape with "Femme Rochas" engraved on top of its golden cap. Today, I've just found out that this bottle was really one of a kind and extremely rare (it was probably a limited edition) as the typical shape of Femme is an amphora shaped bottle recalling the woman's silhouette.

"Femme" by Rochas, probably 1989

2022 bottle shape

"Femme Rochas" by Rochas is a Chypre Fruity fragrance created by Edmond Roudnitska in 1943 for Marcel Rochas as a declaration of his love for his wife Hélène Rochas as well as a tribute to sublime femininity itself.

It is a timeless scent, unbelievably beautifully sensual, so warm and enveloping that makes this juice quite seductive. It is so delicious, feminine, complex, sophisticated and classy. A Masterpiece in the fullest sense of the word. A true outstanding chypre from the golden age of perfumery that has stood the test of time.

As a child, I always thought it looked so glamorous and sensual. A fragrance for a self confident woman who is not afraid of entering a room and having all eyes on her by people around.

According to Rochas’ Website, Femme is "a must-have fragrance that is voluptuous and sensual, and whose spicy-fruity-chypre accord is the quintessence of feminine seduction". And I couldn't agree more as its elegance is absolute and timeless. A scent for a mysterious woman, seductive and provocative, with fleshy lips. A fragrance for an enchanting, imperious and mature woman, proud and aware of feeling desired by those around her. A goddess.

For the launch of Femme in 1943, Marcel Rochas organised an exhibition called “Les Parfums à travers la Mode 1765-1945” (perfumes in fashion) in his own salons as a tribute to the couturier Paul Poiret.

Femme Rochas, 1959 advertising campaign

Femme Rochas, 1962 advertising campaign

Portrait of Mrs Helène Rochas, wife of Marcel Rochas who created "Femme" as a declaration of love for her. Album de la Mode du Figaro n°7, 1946

Femme Rochas, 1966 advertising

Marcel Rochas with models

‘One must be able to smell a woman even before seeing her.’

Marcel Rochas.

I think perfumes are an essential part of woman’s vanity, together with make-up. They give me the right amount of the confidence that I need in everyday life. They never go out of fashion and are able to boost everyone's confidence in every kind of situations. I personally have a scent for every occasion. For example, when I relax on my sofa on a cozy weekday evening I love to be surrounded by an aura of powder and musk so that I let myself be pampered by these pleasant notes.



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